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We Create Amazing Virtual Event Bespoke Medals

We create great-looking Virtual events

Are you looking for virtual running races with medals? As you may already know C19 has devastated the world, and most sporting events, for the time being, the fact is though virtual running races or events with medals are still out there and available for entry, with a sporting medal.

Virtual racing medals

Amazing looking Virtual racing medals created within just 3 weeks for online events. We Can Supply Sporting Medals For Virtual Events What Events Are Available For Virtual Entry?

Virtual 10k running with a medals

Virtual running races or sporting events are still out there and available for everybody to enter, find your participant’s motivation, show off a custom bespoke medal, and get them signing up today! You can choose from a whole range of Virtual types from running, walking, cycling, rowing, or using the home, such as stairs to they can earn amazing medals and rewards