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FULLY BESPOKE CUSTOM SPORTS MEDALS Request - A Free Sample Pack today!

We have a special interest in our Core product – Customised Bespoke Sports Medal services. We are very happy to give you a quotation for your custom designs, contact us with your requirements for costs and to place orders. Medallions are available in Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Antique finishes, in a variety of shapes and sizes. For more information contact our team.

Elite Sports Medals

We supply a wide variety of medals with European shipping available, here at Elite we offer suitable medals for any occasion, event, or celebration, from acrylic and wooden medals to children’s medals and classic sporting medals. Whatever your needs you will find them here in our vast selection. We also have Enamelled , Non Enamelled , And part Enamelled Medals. Our Medals are fully customizable for your events with Laser engraving or full-color digital print we can make sure your chosen design is a special recognition for any recipient. Receiving a medal or award is a big part of honoring a person’s achievement and should make the recipient feel special whilst also be a lasting keepsake for their efforts.. We can customize every medal in our range to suit your own bespoke design, we have many designs on our website you can use for inspiration, send us your event or club logo or let us help come up with something different.

Medals for Football, Swimming, and Running

Our medals can come with center disks in sizes of 2.5cm and 5 cm diameter and are offered in various sports such as swimming, running and many more, these elaborate motif medals are cost-effective and can be customized with your artwork. In addition to this, a metal foil can be requested for an inscription on the reverse which is printed in black, or for a small extra charge we can engrave on the back with high-quality laser engraving which will be sure to honor your recipient’s accomplishments, why not take a look at our bespoke medal gallery.

Looking for an eco-friendly option?

Wooden medals may be the right choice for you. These unique medals make beautiful gifts and can be engraved with your chosen design.

Low-cost fast shipping

When organizing an event you may not know the quantity you need until nearer the date, which is why we understand the need to offer fast shipping times to minimize your stress. Order with us today to get your medals in time for your event.

Contact us now for our professional advice.

You can contact us via phone or email found on our contacts page, we are always on hand to offer our expertise and help you with any questions you may have.

"Why Choose Us for Customized Sports Medals"

In addition to this we have a variety of trophies specifically for each sport eg. Football, Golf, Athletics, Tennis and many more. Our trophy range would be nothing without engraving, with this in mind we offer free engraving with our standard emblems or for a small charge send us your individual emblem for a bespoke design printed on aluminium. All our Trophies are delivered fully assembled.


We offer the Highest Quality Customised Medals - Non-Enamelled, Full-Enamelled, Part Enamelled.Sports Medals for what ever reason are an amazing way to reward your participant.


We can match any logo, a club or sports event logo for example. All fonts matched - the choice is yours just let us know.A team logo, and event logo, a club logo, transform it into a sport medal.


We are certain you'll be impressed with our prices, if your looking for a great price. We also offer club discounts.We do offer regular sports club discounts, repeat orders will get a discount, just ask!

3d Logo And Medal Design

If you have a club logo then send it across to us. If your running an event, send us your art work. The process is simple, we take your artwork and then drag it across to our graphics team. From here we can then create a digital mock up for you! We truly specialise in the concept of sports medal creation, design, and production of bespoke cast handcrafted medals, so your lead time is around 3-4 weeks thats all! We have totally modern materials and production techniques, creating your best looking vision of the perfect medal has never been more in reach. We pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations and delivering medals to both the client and we can be totally proud of. If you are struggling with your current supply chain try us, we are fully functional and quick.

We love the customized medal approach

We take any logo, or art work, and turn it into FULLY customized medals. Your club logo, your sports event logo, a national event, an inter county event, you choose! Drop us a line to find out more. A team logo, event logo, club logo, the list is endless!