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Bespoke Triathlon Custom Medals

We supply Triathlon and Duathlon Bespoke Custom Medals. The Triathlon is a great multi discipline event, worthy of a great finishers medal. Swim, Bike , Run events are hard work, and any participant deserves a great reward in the form a Bespoke Medal.

Customised Triathlon Sports Medals

The Elite Sports Medal is the perfect, budget-friendly solution to award participation, participation awards, or first, second, and third place awards. Our selection of triathlon medals is unmatched. We guarantee your Triathlon Medals orders will exceed your expectations due to our over 20 years of experience and superior customer service. We offer a variety of styles for our triathlon medals, including full engraved styles and stainless steel styles.

Amazing Selection Of Triathlon Medal Options

Medal Details

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We have a selection of Triathlon or Duathlon finisher Medals , perfect for all types of events, from Swimming events, Running events or Triathlon. Any sized Triathlon or Duathlon Medals you choose, we can match any design you choose, all with free Ribbons.