Wooden Medals

Wooden Sports Medals
Hand crafted
Made with love
A perfect award

Wooded crafted Sports medals

The wooden engraved sports Medal looks really great.Its possible to create any shape you choose.Wooden Sports Medals also have a customised ribbon.Its possible to shade any part of your Medal.MOQ start at 100 units, and from then on any amounts are excepted.

A Eco friendly wooden medal

Wooden Medals look Great

From as little as 1.89

Larger Wooden Medals

From as little as 2.09

Wooden Medals

From a little as 1.98

Other Medal Types

We have a great range of other Medal types on offer, Non Enamelled MEDALS Full Enamelled MEDALS Part Enamelled MEDALS!

Any Logo Created

From as little as 1.78

On Font or Back

From As little as 1.98

Wooden Sports Medals

Any Size You Choose

From as little as 1.89

Choose Your Wooden Medals

Any Design, Any Logo, Any Event design!