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Looking For Bespoke Football Medals?

Running a Football Tournament?

As a provider of customized football medals, we want you to know that we offer a wide range of options to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a specific shape or size, we have the ability to make it happen. If you prefer a synthetic enamel type of creation, we can deliver it to you. We also offer custom football awards and medals that come with gold plating and ribbon medals, made with die-casting and fully customized zinc alloy sports football medals. That’s not all. We can also provide you with antique finishes for your custom medal awards to make them truly stand out. So, whatever design or finish you have in mind for your football medals, just let us know and we’ll make sure to exceed your expectations.

Our team can take your FC Club or Tournament logo and turn it into a beautiful Bespoke Football Medal. We make ordering Bespoke Medals a breeze. We have a team of highly passionate and experienced designers on hand to help you create the right Football Medals for you and your tournament. A free design service is on offer, with custom ribbon design services also.“free football medal sample here”

Football Tournament Custom Medals

Types Of Football Medal For Tournaments

We use a zinc alloy, Brass with stainless The Size: Fully Bespoke Custom with the most popular 60mm or 70mm We use a process called Die Cast, Die Struck. We do have a dedicated Bespoke Football Medal Website Here. Metal Plating is various plating by order, gold, Nickel, brass, copper, Silver, Anti-nickel, Anti-brass, Anti-copper Anti-gold, mat-gold, mat-nickel can all be created. Coloured or Non-Coloured Enamel football medals: We use Soft enamel imitation enamel, synthetic enamel, Silkscreen/offset printing, giving you a great football look.

Bespoke Custom Football Medals