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Bespoke Custom Award Coins Creation & Design Services

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Bespoke Award Coins

Choose a Bespoke Coin for dozens of reasons that's totally bespoke, the perfect reward for any team player, staff member, long serving member, competitive player. There is a wide selection of coin production types available from bronze to silver to gold, all handcrafted with a first class quality feel.We offer a bespoke custom coin creation service, get in touch for advice today:

Copper Effect Coin

Silver Award Coin

Gold Award Coin

A Bespoke Award Coin That Lasts Forever.

Any Shape or size bespoke coins created for any purpose, rewarding staff or athlete achievements. Various finishes are available for challenge coins, from shiny or matt finishes. Choose from gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper, bronze, or antique patinas (finishes). Request a FREE custom coin sample, with free design services.

Consider Challenge Coins

Typically, challenge coins are about 2 inches in diameter, a very popular size is 50mm -. They can range in size between 1.25 and 3 inches in diameter. The most common shape for challenge coins is round, but other custom shapes can be used as well. Every other design element is heavily influenced by the shape and size of your custom coin.

Custom Coin Design Service