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Medals are special awards. As such, they should be eye-catching, unique, and timeless. Because of this, our team creates medals of any shape and colour – all of them of excellent quality. Medals are designed by a team of experienced graphic designers who work with passion and commitment. Our originality, custom medal making precision, and a commitment to quality distinguish us from other custom medal companies.


Currently, we have over ten different plating styles available. You can then add some zest and contrast to your design by adding a hard or soft enamel colour fill. There is also the option of combining different plating styles into one order.

  • Armed forces 
  • Sports event designs
  • Bicycling awards
  • Triathlons, half-marathons, 10Ks, Ironman, and 5Ks
  • School awards 
  • And awards ceremonies

We make custom products for individuals, clubs, and companies whose needs are unique. These are some of the people who get customised medals from us. 

  • Fundraising organisations, nonprofits, & volunteer groups
  • Associated with universities, colleges, & schools
  • Related to the military and emergency services
  • And Ironman events
  • For biathletes and triathletes
  • 5k/10k runners, half marathon runners, marathon runners, etc.
  • Participants and organizers of track competitions
  • Organisers of swim meets
  • Participants in the Decathlon
  • Organisations that organise sports events
  • Organisers of horse races
  • Show organisers for animals and breeds