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Bespoke Medal Virtual Event

Our Medal Services For Virtual Events

We have many custom Sport Medal Services, however the 3 below are the most popular.A Virtual sports event works by including anything that covers distance such as running cycling, rowing and step counters through walking or running. as a participant you can mix and match as many different forms of exercise, Once the Virtual distance is complete the participant receives a medal,

Non Enamelled Medals

Part Enamelled Medals

Enamelled Sports Medals

Our Custom Medal Options

Consider a “Virtual Event Bespoke Medal. Currently, the Virus known as the Coronavirus is having a huge impact on all events, running, swimming, triathlon, or any mass participation events worldwide. So with so many now unable to get out to complete Swims, Runs, or any sporting event please do consider a – Virtual Running, or some form of Virtual event, also consider us, and a Virtual event Bespoke Medal!
Hows A Virtual Sports Event Work?
Firstly Choose Your Challenge – if you are a race director, or an event organizer then the event can be varied and geared to mirror the physical event.