Ultra Running Event Custom Medals and Awards

Bespoke long distance running event Medals and awards. An ultra running event is amazing, so reward your competitors with wonderful bespoke medals.

Ultra Running Event Medals

Long Distance Events

Ultra Event

Features and options


Running or taking part in an Ultra distance event can be amazing, and tough, reward your participants 

Additional details

  • Mass Silver
  • Gold
  • Choice Metal
  • Cooper


  • Non Enamelled Medals
  • Wooden Medals
  • Multi Shaped Medals
  • Silicone
  • Part Enamelled Medals
  • Full Enamelled Medals
  • Colour Sprayed Medals
  • Full Enamelled

Lead Time 2-3 weeks full customisation

We have a selection of Ultra Event Medals , perfect for all types of Sports events, tournaments or leagues.

Your choice sized Ultra Event Medals you choose, we can match any design you choose, all with free Ribbons.