Bespoke Sports Medals

Custom Sports Medals

Custom sports medals are awarded for a multitude of events, our Cornish Trophy Shop can allow you to get your hands on amazing customised sports medals. There are a variety of companies that produce them, so your options for ordering can fit your exact need for your event or award type.We do have a 15%discount that can be used anytime, this gets your orders discounted every time. A variety of Bespoke Sports medals such as , Enamelled, Coloured Enamelled ,Multi Shaped Medals, Wooden Medals, Bespoke Sprayed Medals.

Medals And Customisations Available

Medals can come in a variety of metals and colours.Perfect for Cornish Sports Club they typically range from gold, silver, and bronze. Pre-made metal styles ready for additional customisation come available in thousands of designs and from many different companies. Some examples include any and all sports, sports teams, sports organizations, sales, holidays, and also placements such as first, second, third, and so on.Cornish Running Clubs, Swimming Clubs, Football and Rugby Clubs, Cycling Clubs can all benefit from our Customised Medal Services.

Cornish Trophy Shop Deals

You can also find custom insert medals for full customization. Insert medals are available by adding a sticker to the medal and using your own logo or unique design on the sticker. Some companies have pre-designed insert medals where all you need to do is add in your logo, we prefer to create custom styles or names, along with dates for special customisation without a large art fee thats FREE, contact us HERE

Ribbon colors can be customized with an assortment of colors. Ribbons can be one flat color or with two or more colors on the ribbon with stripes or a pattern on it. So, even if you get a less custom medal design, maybe with a simple personalization on the backside, you can customize the medal with a special colored ribbon or team colors on the ribbon.

Another additional option for customizing your medal is to add a personalized engraving on the backside

Pricing for Custom Sports Medals

Pricing for custom sports medals starts at under two pounds. There are often minimum purchase amounts required for price breaks and discounts for larger orders. Some companies even offer free shipping with a minimum order purchase or run special sales during high event times throughout the year, such as a free ribbon or neckbands included.

Pricing can vary on the material used on the medal and ribbon, and the sizes. Medals come available in 1.625”-5” standard sizing but total custom sizing can be done if needed. The border design of the medal may also affect price, or if you choose mixed metals on the design.

Materials available are solid aluminum, enamels, bronze, silver, and gold. Custom inserts can come with clear epoxy dome coverings for protection as well. The cheapest materials available are plastics and acrylics for medals.

If the medal comes with a wreath border or decagon shape, it may be more expensive. Medals can come in non-colored metal only designs, or in one or multi-colored designs. Additionally, some companies offer custom die-cut shaped medals to fit your design.

If you are ordering an insert design or adding wording on the backside of the medal or any other special customizations, make sure to check if there are design or set-up fees charged by the manufacturer.

Shipping Time for Custom Sports Medals

Shipping time on custom sports medals can vary, but typically once the design is done and printed, shipping can be processed in about a week. The carrier used will also factor into the shipping time, but most can offer the same timeframe or similar timeframe.

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