Printed Rosettes Services

We have a Printed Rosettes Service with free design creation service and mock up lay set up.

individualise your rosettes for rewarding

Special Rosette Tails Special Rosette Service

Personalised printed rosettes, part of our promotional personalised accessories range, have been produced as promotional products. We will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation Free written quotation if you have a specific request. As long as you have an order, we can produce all the items you need. All the other components, such as pleated ribbon, printed center parts , rosette tails, etc., are included in this step. Finally, the rosettes are assembled.

Size 245mm

Size 225mm

Size 235mm

Size 265mm

Size 255mm

Size 300mm

Size 255mm

We can supply any sized custom rosettes

Bobbi Tail - 3 - 5 tyr Rosetts:

With the great looking Bobbi Tail – 3 tyr any colour is on offer, custom logo is ok:

Most Popular

Bobbi Tail - Customised Large

The super large Bobbi Tail – 3 tyr is the most popular we produce.They are super large.

Extra Fan Super Bobbi Tail -

The Extra Fan Super Bobbi Tail – has an additional fanned part, looks extra nice.

Any Super Sized Bobbi Tail rosettes can be fully customised.Add a splash of colour to any super sized Bobbi Tail for great looking effects: