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When you have purchased a range of bespoke medals, it’s essential to order them in the correct format. It could be confusing and frustrating if the medals are shipped in the wrong way. You can’t ask for much from the customer service – a customer service rep will not want to help you if he has ordered a medal from you in the wrong shape! Here are some tips that can help you order your medals in the right way:

Bespoke Medal Lead Times

Choose a time that suits your needs, if you choose a medal type from us it’s easy..If you order on a Saturday, it’s likely to be delivered on a 2/3 week lead time.. This makes it very convenient for you, but it also makes ordering online a hassle, especially if you don’t have the time to go to a shop or store.

2/3 week Lead Times

Make sure that you order early enough to avoid disappointment with 2-3 week lead time in mind. . This means that you should order at least two weeks in advance, and not make last-minute changes.

Size Of Your Medal

Choose a size for your order. Some companies only offer small sizes, which makes it difficult to order in large quantities, so choose one that offers you the best value and gives you a number of options.

Bespoke Medal Colour

Don’t forget to choose the medal colour! Many people are unsure about what colour to order, as they think that this will cost more. But with a little bit of research, you will find that colours like red and pink are often very popular.

Specific Medal Shapes

If you are ordering a medal in a specific shape, it’s easy to order without a template, but if it is something less than perfect, do not send it. Remember, your customers will receive a damaged item, and that is not worth a penny!

Provide Contact Details

When you order, provide your contact details. If you are ordering through the internet, provide your contact details – email, phone, and postal address. A reputable company will be able to answer your questions when you place an order and will be able to give you a call when the product arrives.

Orders To You Of Bespoke Medal 

Keep your eyes open for any defects when you order. If you find a problem with your order, let them know, and do not try to make excuses. They may tell you that they cannot order it because of defective material, but they will certainly be quick to refund it.


Most companies will ship the products you order within three working days, and usually in good condition. For this reason, it is recommended that you order several months ahead if you plan to order more than one set.