Velvet Bespoke Presentation Box

Popular Velvet Medal Presentation Boxes 


A velvet Bespoke presentation box is a highly popular type of Medal presentation box. You can make your Custom Medal presentation nicer to look at and special, you can present your Bespoke Medal in the Green, Red, Navy, or Black Medal Box. 


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Other Names can be used for Bespoke Medal Boxes such as -Velvet Gift Box, Display Box, Gifts Packages, Boxes Packaging Boxes.


Type Of Medal Boxes


The main Bespoke Medal box has a nice smooth circular medal-shaped type recess so that it keeps the medal in its fireplace. If you’re looking to go really high end you can get an engraving text plate that will be placed on the inside of the box lid.


Engraved Medal Boxes


The Velvet or Leather boxes medal box can certainly be purchased with a totally separate personalized sticky self adhesive engraved text or logo plate, for a small additional fee. 


The full bespoke plate is only supplied displaying your text or logo details and ready to be applied.


So that we can make your medal presentation a little more great looking, we can present your Bespoke Medal in the very popular Classic Blue colour Leatherette Medal Box. This Bespoke Custom Medal box has a nice circular medal-shaped slim recess that can keep the medal firmly in place.


What are the most popular Velvet Boxes?

The most popular Custom velvet box has the dimensions below

Size: 65mm Thickness: 5mm Material: velvet -Weight: 14g/pc

Velvet Boxes For Bespoke Medals 

The Bespoke Medals Are made from – Zinc alloy, Brass, Iron, Stainless steel, Copper, Pewter these can be perfect for any event or competition.

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