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Cornish Customised Sports Medals 

There are many custom sports medals shops available in the Uk, but our Cornish Trophy and Awards Company is the best in Cornwall, so perfect for Cornish Sports Clubs. You can find them online, on our website. You can also order custom sports medals through our local sports shop. Some print shops offer custom medal designs as well, but we create the best looking. Custom award medals are a great way to create a one-of-a-kind award medal. You can see a Trophy Shop HERE.

How much do custom medals cost?

Your goal is to find a quality medal for your Cornish club, that is affordable, here at Elite Sports Medals, based in Cornwall we can help ship anywhere across Europe. You can find cheap custom medals easily, but finding a quality affordable medal may take some research.Cornish Awards Shop and Sports Medals

Custom insert medals are the cheapest way to create an affordable custom medal. The cost of a custom insert medal is dependent upon the metal material chosen. The pattern or style of the medal also affects the price. Custom insert medals are found starting at £0.90 or under from our Cornish Trophy Shop.

Some manufacturers require a minimum order purchase. If you need only one custom medal, be sure to call before ordering. If you need multiple medals, the manufacturer might offer price breaks for certain amounts.

Standard medals with custom engraving start around £1.02 but usually require a minimum order amount. The minimum order amount keeps the price so low.

There might be set up charges. Be sure to check their cost or if they are waived. Also, check how much engraving will cost if you are choosing that option. Some shops charge per word, others per character.

What are custom medals made of?

Custom insert medals are made of two parts. There is a full -colour insert disk or sticker if that’s what you’re looking for. The insert can be colour printed or colour engraved. Then there is a solid medal base for the insert holder. But Enamelled or Non-Bespoke Medals can be produced.You will also find a great service in wooden medals.

For the insert design, you can use our shop’s template to create your own design. Or, if you prefer, you can send your logo to us, colour, or other design requests to the designer at the shop. The designer can create your insert for you. Most shops can create an insert design very easily.Colour Sprayed, and Part Enamelled Sports Medals can also be found.

Sometimes they charge a fee for creating the design.

The medallion holder can come in a wreath, scallion or fusion design – just to name a few. Here at Elite Sports Medals, we can offer a service for you.

If you prefer a regular medal, you can customise it by adding engraving to the backside. You can add names or event dates

How quickly can I get a custom medal made?

Some shops offer free unlimited engraving. You can check for additional options available. Depending on the customisation required and difficulty of the customisation, orders can be ready for shipping within 1-2 days after order placement.

How do I purchase a custom medal?

Most shops can create custom medals easily and quickly. To purchase, you can do so online through a shop website. It is easy to upload your insert design. Some websites allow you to design the customisations through their website programs. If you just order engraving, that is easy to do at a local sports shop. It can be done online if preferred.

There is a wide variety of metal designs available. Pricing for custom medals varies with each shop. It is important to browse our website, or ask for advice then compare prices before ordering. If you prefer a one-on-one experience, visit our online trophy shop to see what we can offer.