Triathlon Medals

Custom Triathlon Medals


We supply custom medals for Triathlon Events that are available from our company design team, which also offers custom swimming medals. The medals include finishers’ medals, swimming accolades, and more, along with decor for swimming sporting events. Depending on your preference, you can engrave your swimming medals completely, partially, or partially.

When it comes to creating custom triathlon swimming ribbons that look great, silk ribbons are extremely popular.Elite Sports Medals swimming medals

For sports events, medals should be ordered four weeks prior to the event.

Our custom made triathlons medals are available in a variety of colours and look great.Perfect for your open meet needs.

Distinguished service should be recognised with swimming medals. We create any type of metal custom sports medal.

In addition to our Bespoke Medals, you can choose Custom swim or tri event coins as a unique keepsake. We can also make custom metal badges. 




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