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Here at Elite Sports Medals based in the heart of Cornwall, we have “Quality Medals” fully customs and if you choose,  with personalized engraving services. We also have a Trophy Shop on our sports event supply website here.

Perfect to reward sports participants of all ages:

A sports Medal is perfect for rewarding outstanding sporting performances, sporting participants, and winners at sporting events, competitions, leagues, and tournaments.

Fully customized sporting medals services

Our fully customized sports Medal range includes a great selection of Footballing Medals, Athletics and Running Medals, Swimming, Triathlon, or Duathlon Medals in an amazing variety of designs, colours, and shapes and sizes.

Boxes for sports medals

We offer a great range of sports medal boxes – a medal presentation box is great for showcasing your medal, with sizes from 40mm 50mm 60mm 70mm 80mm in larger diameter if required, each medal presentation box is different, and not with medal included unless specified!

Types of Medals other than Sports

If you looking for academic medals we can simply produce them, give us an idea of the medal design you looking for and we will create! It may be something for university, or college, or school, or even a Sunday school medal! Our “Customised Academic Medals”  have great features, sizes, and indeed colors to choose from, also some

Ordering Academic Sports Medals

You can place an order 7 days per week, it’s simple just drop us an email, even on a Sunday,  send us the artwork and we can get the ball rolling with a simple fast quote.

Customized Attendance Medals

Gaining an attendance award or medal can be really rewarding, regular attendance to school or work, or sports training, to reward employees with a lifetime golden medal might also be a great thing to do, we offer a full design service that can take care of that for you!

Kids Sports Medals

Reward kids for a how a range of activities from sports to school work, consider a sporting medal made from wood, or silicone as well as the normal medals like metal and zic types, enamelled badges.

Graduation Medals

You have finally done it! passed and years of hard work have been rewarded with a wonderful looking medal that’s there for years to come!

Athletics Sports Medals

We have a vast art range of Athletics sports medals, these are ideal for a wide range of athletics events comps, the medal range offers discounts and bulk order deals. contact us for athletics medal deals.

Badminton Sports Medals

With a great selection of badminton type medals and wards, you can find something perfect for your club or badminton competition

Bowels Sports  Medals

Bowels is a great sport and we have a great selection of bowels medals for any age groups of standard, perfect bowels awards for any competitions you may be running, whether that’s indoor bowels or outside bowling events.

Boxed Sports Medals

Here at Elite Sports Medals we have a wide selection of boxed sporting medals, they look great boxed, and are perfect for any sports, they also last longer if in a nice looking box! Our boxed medals come in a range of first, second, or 3rd places, and also finishers styles.

Boxing Sports medals

With our boxing medal range, you are gonna hit the spot, we offer all sort of styles and designs for your boxing event, so why not drop us a line for a look at what we can offer.

Medals with union jack flags on

Are you looking for medals or awards with union jack flags on? if so they look great and we offer a range that will cover all your flag medals and designs.

Cricket Sports Medals

A great selection of medals for a local or national cricket match, if you looking for even a basic cricket award.

Cycling  Sports Medals

We have options for cycling medals, and all types of cycling medals, indoor, outdoor, all types of bike events as well, track, dirt, BMX medals and awards and touring race, on the road bike medals and awards, backed up by eco – laser cut.

Darts Awards

What about a selection of darts medals and awards, we offer a great range of darts awards, with a selection of trophies for darts comps and events. Hit the bullseye with our selection and medal options.

Horse Riding Medals

Are you looking for Equestrian Medals? we offer a good sized range of medals and awards for all horse event types, with a horse winning award for show jumping and cross country.

Fencing Medals and Awards

A good range of fencing awards awaits you, perfect for your fencing competition, fencing trophies, and awards are important so we try to stock as many as possible.

Fishing Competition Medals

Yes, if you looking to get your hands on fishing awards medals for the biggest or most fish caught you can get they form us, all sizes! Angling comps and sea comps, fishing competition medals.

Foot Ball Awards

Ah, good old football awards, perfect for any age – we have a great selection on offer, kids football matchs or even adults, small trophies, and football medals on offer.

Golfing Medals

Into playing golf, and running golf competitions? if so then we offer a good range of golf medals to help you with and awards you require!

We have a great selection of gymnastics medals, and awards, which are ideal for all types of gymnastics events and competitions with all ages. With our gymnastic medal range your many features inculde a number of Artistic Gymnastics Medals and Rhythmic Gymnastics Medals which are perfect for all ages.

Motor Sport Medals

A motor bike event, or a car event , all great motor sports and severe a sports medal, we can produce any style you require!

Swimming Medals

Running a Swimming event? if the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or gold, silver bronze medals, awards for swimming certain distances also on offer, you can mix and match swimming medals with what ever type you choose, or design your own, send use your swimming artwork!

Hockey Awards

Running a hockey match? if so drop us a line for hockey awards and medals! Or Metal Cut.

Rugby Medals, and Awards

Ruby matches are great, and medals after winning a major championship are great, so why not ask us for rugby trophy options

Tennis Medals

Into your tennis? run a tennis club? why not consider a tennis medal, or trophy , we can service any style

Table Tennis Medals

Table tennis is a great fast moving sport, and table tennis comps take place all over the UK, create a table tennis medal design with us. Or a metal Pin.

Water Sports Medals

There are dozens of water sports from windsurfing, to surfing, canoeing, and rowing, sailing to name but a few, so why not consider a selection of awards from us here at elite sports medals

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