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Printed Classic Silicone Swim Caps

Customised Classic Silicone Swim Cap Services

We offer a low-cost solution for printing onto Swimming caps!

Discounted Custom Swimming Caps. Are you looking for Custom Printed Swimming Caps? We offer an amazing range of silicone swim cap services.Choose a great range of swim cap colours, from blue, pink green, red, black, bright yellow or even purple swim caps.

Why choose our printed swim cap services?

We have been printing onto swimming caps now for 12 yrs, we understand that swim cap printing is important for swim schools, swim clubs, open water swimming events, swim academies, schools, and many other places that have swimming taking place!

We pride ourselves on the best printed swim cap services.The lead time is just 7 days: at express shipments.Our swim cap custom printing service is such a low cost that’s why people come back to us year after year.

We can print onto any swim cap from classic silicone, super soft silicone, seamless swim caps and even dome race caps.We offer a not happy refund policy on caps so your going to get 100% great service on your orders!

What’s The Best Printed Cap For Swim Events?

The best most popular swimming cap to be printed on for events is the Super Soft Swimming Cap.This outstanding swimming cap is the best cap at the best price.

If you are running a Triathlon event then also the super soft cap will be the best for your Tri event: Each Super Soft Silicone Swimming cap is super stretchy, they come in such a great range of colours that any printed logo also looks great!

What Are The Normal Lead Times ?

We are super fast in getting swim caps created and shipped out across the UK and Europe.We offer a super fast service that out performed many other swim cap providers.

What The Best Swim Cap For Swim Teams?

Most Swim Teams use a Classic high quality Silicone swim cap, these are a great well made swim cap, printing onto these caps is a joy, the finish swim cap product looks amazing, with a slight shine on the cap that shows off the club logo.

Using The Classic Cap For Other Swimming Situations

The Classic 50g is also used for Open Water Swimming, it’s a thicker cap that keeps out the cold better but it’s not a thermal cap. Open water swimming clubs like the classic cap.

Silicone Printed Swim Caps Shipping We ship out your printed swim caps orders quickly using Royal Mail, or DHL quickly and securely:

Frequently Asked Questions About Printed Swimming Caps

Most customers ask certain questions about printing onto swimming caps, for this reason we have created the very best FAQs check sheet: Frequently asked questions about custom swimming caps can be answered by using this.


If your asking questions about getting and order of printed caps then find out more buy checking out the check list here and below.

What’s The Most Common Question About Custom Swim Caps?


One of the most popular well asked questions is how many units is MOQ? Can we supply free design services?What’s the best swim cap for my event, how long do they last?

The best swimming cap for open water swimming is the classic swim cap.

Most triathlon clubs use the classic swimming cap, its a great team cap, but sometimes the super soft silicone cap is used for events.

The super soft cap is the best cap for swim schools, its nice and soft.

Open water swimming events, and Tri events use a super soft cap mostly, its cheap and looks really great on heads.

The length lifespan of a custom cap is dependant on how long the cap is looked after, take care with it and it will last a long time.

ALL colours can be used on custom caps, most caps are printed with a one colour logo as its the cheapest option.

Classic swim caps are used for swim teams, also the seamless cap is used, a dome or bullet cap is also used for swimming races.

A good Qs often asked is what is a good swim cap for my long hair? its often the cheapest cap, a super soft cap, its super flexible, and moves across the head allowing the hair to be tucked under really well.

If you look after your swimming cap it will last a lifetime, dry it out after you have been swimming, this will protect the cap, its perfect for making the cap last much longer. offer some sorts of free shipping on larger orders.Free shipping on custom order are great for saving costs.

The latex swimming cap has been around for a very long time, its made as you may-well know from latex, this comes from trees, its a long lasting cap if only used every now and again, if its used a lot , its lifespan is shorter.

You can print onto latex swimming caps yes, but its better to use a silicone swim cap process.

We can print onto both sides of any swimming cap, the printing process is done quickly we don’t charge extra money for this at 

Most people use the silicone cap for simple fitness swimming, some swimmers us latex for swimming and fitness as its a cheap cap.

We can ship our printed swimming caps to the UK or Europe if required, the printed swim cap service we offer can ship to European swim clubs and swim schools.

We can create any sized order of printed swimming caps, its what we do best, we print onto swimming caps of any type and offer the best prices.

Most surf lifesaving clubs love the classic swim cap, the surf life saving club very often uses the classic cap which is a 50g swimming cap made from silicone.

The express shipping offered by elite is just 7 days door to door, thats fast, very fast!

If you pull swimming caps they can rip very badly and then they are no good for use age, the flexible cap can tear but if pulled to far will break.

You can use as many colours as you like with printed swimming caps but normally over 7 is difficult to use.

If dropped into water a swimming cap will float yes, they are very floaty and don’t really sink.

At the price for swimming caps depends on what is printed onto the cap.A one colour print is popular as its cheapest, a 2 colour or 3 colour print is much better looking but will cost more.Prices can get down to as low as 99p depending on the volume ordered

Most swim schools use a super soft silicone swim cap for little swimmers, these are the best caps for young swimmers as they are flexible onto the head.

Most adults like to use a silicone swim cap, the adult swimmers sometimes also use the latex swimming caps.

The best swim cap for general swimming is a silicone swim cap, its popular.

All swimmers say that the dome race cap is best or a classic thicker swim cap , this is best for swimming races or events or triathlons

The best cap for cold water swimming is a thermal cap or the classic swim cap

Most swimmers say that the classic 50g cap is the best cap for open water swimming, but also a thermal cap is the best type to keep the head dry and warm.

Yes, swimming caps can get effected by heat, so keep them cold and out the sun

If you want to look after your swimming caps then dry them off, keep them dry, don”t put them in a washing machine, put them on slowly.Try not to rip your swimming caps.

Latex is a good swim cap but its not the best, the most popular is the silicone swimming cap, these caps last longer.

Swimming caps are printed, yes, printed logos can be placed onto the cap, this looks really great for swim clubs and teams.

The silicone type swim cap is now the most popular of all swimming caps, the process is quick to produce 100s of silicone caps.Swim teams, swim schools, swim clubs and triathlon clubs all use the silicone type swim caps, they are better than latex swim caps. 1.Silicone caps are longer lasting. 2.Silicone swim caps look better.3. Silicone cap are more popular swim swimmers .Silicone swim caps are great for printing on.

Purple swimming caps are the colour that is used when customising swimming caps, the cap come out of production with a purple style look.