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Part Enamelled Sports Medals

Half Coloured Look Great

Still really colourful bespoke sports medals but not as bright. A half coloured medal can also be any shape.The medal order process is again simple. Just send us your artwork, and we will create! A part enamelled medal will look great.

They can also be partially enamelled for a very stylish end result! With a half coloured enamelled medal there is no extra cost.

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 10.14.07
Choose Your Colour

Our half Enamelled medals are great looking medals for all events, the part filled look is our most popular.

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You Choose Shapes

Choose any size you wish, small, medium, or super-sized. Each medal will meet your exact requests. 

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Fully Custom Ribbons

With a half Enameled contrast Medal the finish is stunning matte look, complete with a customised ribbon to finish.