Bespoke Karate And Judo Medals

We offer a full range of custom bespoke martial arts medals and awards, if your hosting a Judo or Karate event then why not consider our services.

 We offer a vast variety of Martial Arts Medals, Medal Ribbons, Presentation Cases, Trophies, Cups & Awards. Our Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals reflect and reward your physical, mental and spiritual accomplishments.

Judo, Karate, Taekwondo or wrestling medallions are perfect for any Tournament, Competition, League, or Team Club with great value and low Cost high spec prices, suitable for every body’s pocket.

We offer Free Custom Printed Inserts or Free Engraving of Metal Plates.

If you would like a custom martial arts medal, gave us a call or send us an email to determine the cost, we have a full  design team on hand. 

As well as Martial Arts Lapel Pins & Badges, Ribbons & Presentation Cases, we also offer Custom Lapel Pins & Badges made to your own design at very low prices, we can replicate any club logo you send.

We Create Bespoke Karate And Judo Medals

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Medal Details

Judo or Karate Medals can be created to almost any specifications, simply submit your artwork or design suggestions and we will create a fully custom 3 Mock up for your approval.

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Lead Time 2-3 weeks full customisation

From the moment orders are confirmed its around 2-3 weeks of production, dependant on order size, larger orders may take slightly longer.

We have a selection of Judo or Karate Medals , perfect for all types of Judo or Karate events, tournaments and leagues.

Any sized Judo or Karate Medals you choose, we can match any design you choose, all with free Ribbons.