Glow In The Dark Sports Medal Services

You medals glowing in the dark

Glow Up In The Dark Sports Medals

Get really seen with glow in the dark sporting medals

We can create a Custom Sport Award Medal that glows in the dark, Zinc alloy, Brass, Iron, Stainless steel, Copper, Process the price is reflected by your choice of the medal. Glow in the dark medals are really cool, any colours can be created, a custom shape, 3D, 2D, Flat, Full 3D, Double side or single-sided medals.We use a die casting process, with mould stamping, spin casting, printing.

Glow In The Dark Medal Shapes

We can create any glow in the dark shapes you choose.

Choose your glow in the dark bespoke medal creation we will then create a 3d design and mock up for approval.

Glow In The Dark Medal Colours

We can create any shaped bespoke glow in the dark medal, with any colour, the choice is yours!

Glow In The Dark Medal

Super fun great looking glow up in the dark are becoming more popular now that nigh runs and night time events are taking place.

Custom Glow In The Dark Medals

Glow in the dark medals are not only cool for children and kids events adults love them too!

Styles Of Bespoke Medal

We can use various styles of glow in the dark medal process send your artwork.

Your Medal Colour

With glow in the dark medals we can create your medal with your event colour