Bespoke Custom Football & Rugby Awards and Medals

Customised Bespoke Football and Rugby awards look great and great way to reward your participants. Are you running a football or rugby club? it may be you have a football tournament coming up, or even a Rugby game and want to reward the players.

BESPOKE CUSTOM FOOTBALL AWARDS At football matches, players often get large football trophies, but what about smaller, awards such as custom football medals, they can make a huge reward for any football player.If you are running a football tournament then the Bespoke medal is the best way to reward any team efforts.

BESPOKE RUGBY TOURNAMENT AWARDS – A Rugby tournament can be a rewarding place for any young player or adult for that matter, rewarding players with a bespoke Rugby award can make a real difference. Or why not pop over to our dedicated Football Medal Website for more options.

Custom Football And Rugby Medals

We can bring your ideas to life within your budget by instructing our design and concept team. Depending on your timeline, we can offer a super-fast production and delivery time of just 3/4 weeks.Bespoke football and rugby medals really are your best bet for tournaments, or matches.

We, at, create, design, and produce custom cast football  and rugby medals. Creating the perfect medal is now easier than ever with modern materials and production techniques. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers and provide awards that we and the client can both be proud of, for any age group.

Any Size Football Medals

Any Team Colours

Custom Rugby Medals

Bespoke Rugby Medals

If you are hosting a Rugby Tournament or event we can create totally bespoke Rugby medals. Individual Rugby Awards can be created using a range of bespoke custom medal creations.

Send in your logo, or club badge for a free custom art service.

From as little as £1.09p

Production Details

Football Medals can be created to almost any specifications, simply submit your artwork or design suggestions and we will create a fully custom 3 Mock up for your approval.

Additional details


Lead Time 2-3 weeks full customisation

From the moment orders are confirmed its around 2-3 weeks of production, dependant on order size, larger orders may take slightly longer.

We have an endless selection of Football Medals , or Rugby Medals perfect for all types of football events, foot ball tournaments and leagues. 

Any sized Football Medals you choose, we can match any design you choose, all with free Ribbons.