Looking To Take Part In Running Races 2021

If you are looking for Running, Swimming, Sporting, Marathon events this 2021? We decided to list some of the top Running and Sporting events across the UK, with also where you can find those races listed.

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Top Race Listing Event Companies

How To Enter A Running, Swimming, Triathlon, or Sports Event, take part and receive a bespoke medal.

How To Get Bespoke Medals

How To Get Printed Swimming Caps

Below is a list of websites that list races to enter across the UK in 2021

1. Findarace.com – If you’re looking for a race or mass participation event this year then the Findarace company is a very popular website to visit. The website offers a great breakdown of race options, Running, Triathlon, Swimming, Marathon, Cycling with many more to get involved in.Take part and get a custom medal.

2. skylineevents.co.uk – With Skyline-events you see a great range of events to enter, they also offer some great advice.

3.humanrace.co.uk – With human race you have a great selection of events to participant in, they offer information and races in Triathlon, Running , Duathlon , and Cycle events.

4..outdoorswimmer.com – If your looking for open water swimming events then look no further than outdoorswimmer.coma great well stocked range of open water swimming events can be found on there website, from advanced to beginners swimming races and events.

5. Epicevents.co.uk – A really cool website with some great open water swimming events to to part across the UK.The website Epicevents.co.uk has a well stocked range of swimming events, they also offer a great range of other events such as Running, Cycling and Triathlon.

6.Redbull.com – Check out the Redbullevents website, some amazing events to consider, maybe not to take part in as some of the other well stocked events but certainly and great place to look.

7.active.com – Try a visit to the active website for some events to take part in www.active.com may not be as big as some of the other event websites but could be worth a look.

8.Greatswim.org – If you visit the website of greatswim you can find a great offering of  wonderful open water swimming events to take part in.

10.Timeoutdoors.com – A really great website packed with super info on many types of events to get going with.The timeoutdoors.com has events such as 5k, 10k, marathon , swimming, triathlon , cycling , duathlon and many more.

11.letsdothis.com – A well stocked website for many types of events, the letsdothis.com is certainly a well informed website if your looking to enter an event this 2021.

12.Runabc.co.uk – runabc.co.uk is a smaller website but well worth a visit for running events.

13.runultra.co.uk – The .runultra.co.uk website is great if your looking for a long distance event, very well put together website worth a look.

14.wales247.co.uk – If you like wales then try checking out whats on offer by going to this website wales247.co.uk

15.runningcalendar.co.uk – The runningcalendar website is very well stocked with an amazing selection of events, 1,5,10,k events , marathons and many more running events.

How To Enter A Running, Swimming, Triathlon, or Sports Event

2021 is here and normally many people and events companies would be getting ready to launch or take part in large mass participation events, however with C19 less events will be taking place.

However you can still enter a Triathlon, Running or Swimming event across the UK as lock down hopefully works and eases.

So if you are thinking of taking part in any of the events across the country this year then what’s the best process?

Finding A Running Event To Enter

You can choose from Running 1-5-10k events or even a marathon, ultra of run in the park running events.Each run event will very often reward participants with a custom medal.If your looking for a run to take part in why now try these websites below:

Run Britain .com 






Finding An Open Water Swimming Event To Enter

If you’re into Swimming then across the UK there is no end of Swim Events to enter, below are just a few websites to find open water swimming events.






Finding A Triathlon Event To Enter

Along with Running and Swimming you will find there is a great selection and some great websites to enter Triathlons, below are just a few.