FAQs About Challenge Coins

Some Frequently Asked Questions
What is custom coin?
As a traditional yet unique gift, custom coins can be used to display one’s membership, recognize excellence, or commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime event. Engrave your organization’s values on your custom coins or emboss a symbol on your employees’ or club members’ coins to give them a piece of the community they belong to.
How much is it to make a custom coin?
How much are custom challenge coins? In general, challenge coins cost roughly 4.90 to 5.90 per coin for a full production run of 100 coins.
Can I have my own coins made?
Metals are available for your custom coins at elitesportsmedals.
You can choose between classic polished gold, silver, copper, or brass, or elegant black nickel, or traditional antique gold, silver, copper, or brass. Alternatively, we can combine any two of them into a contemporary duotone. You decide the style.
How are coins engraved?
Medals and coins are not etched into each coin – they are pressed.
To imprint a design on coins and medals, the Mint uses stamps called dies. An additional stamp called a hub is used to make a die at the Mint. A machine engraves the design onto a steel hub, which shows the positive image the way the artist created it.
Is it OK to buy challenge coins?
There are many different coins available. Challenge coins, however, have always been meant to be earned or given away, and we believe that this tradition should continue, that challenge coins should be earned or at minimum promote a good cause or event.
How long do coin dies last?
The results of experimental archeology suggest that a lower die could last for up to 10,000 strikes, depending on the level of wear deemed acceptable. In comparison, upper dies seem to have a far greater range of lives, ranging from just over 100 strikes to over 8000 being reported.
Why do they call them challenge coins?
As a symbol of comradeship or unity, a challenge coin represents membership in a particular group and honors the actions of the recipient. There is something special about challenge coins that make their recipients feel proud.
How can you tell if a challenge coin is real?
Their generic nature makes it easy to spot. There is, for example, a coin struck for The key to recognizing these is the fact that they do not say, “PRESENTED BY THE COMMANDER” or “FOR EXCELLENCE”. These are almost replicas of the originals.
Are coins cast?
Cast coinage refers to coins made by pouring melted metal into a mold, also known as casting. The method differs from the current method of coin production, which involves striking metal sheets that have been cut into coin blanks.
How do you beat challenge coins?
If you wish to give someone a challenge coin, conceal it in the palm of your hand before shaking their hand. You should be discreet when giving a challenge coin. Challenge coins should be given to the person, but they shouldn’t be displayed in a large way.
What can you do with a challenge coin?
After a project has been completed or if an employee has achieved a great deal, challenge coins can be used to reward them. The coin can symbolize their accomplishment. Employees or members will be happier with their jobs or organizations when they are recognized for a job well done.
What are coin molds made of?
Making a silicone rubber mold allows you to make a replica of a coin. To capture the detail on both sides of your coin, you will need to create a two-part mold. Due to its outstanding durability and ability to capture fine details, silicone rubber is the perfect material.
Are coins embossed?
Coin embossing – as an exceptional and personal gift
The motives and portraits that frame the front and back of a coin can nowadays even be adapted to individual preferences, as our website shows you with a variety of coins and medals.

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