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The term bespoke originated as meaning “to speak for something” we offer an amazing selection of bespoke medals options and services. It now has evolved to describe tailor-made and customised items, ie sports medals, that are perfect for events, sports days, running races, swimming races, team events, sporting weekends, charity events.

Finding Bespoke Medal Services

Designing a Bespoke Sports Medal

Listing Your Sports Event Advice

Your Budget For Custom Sports Medal Creation

Choosing Your Custom Bespoke Medal Colours

Display Boxes For Your Medals

Ordering Your Bespoke Sports Medals

Finding custom sports medal services is easy, if you stick with us you will find a great quick custom medal service. There are many representatives available and medals can be tailor-made and customised to match any sport and any accomplishment.

If you have a sporting logo, simply let us know what that is and we will get it turned into a sporting medal of your choice! Contact us here!

Sports clubs around the UK along with sporting events have grown up with large amounts of participants taking part, the fun factor is a big draw and attraction, sports listing companies such as list your sports 

Best Bespoke Sports Medal Website

Also, another good website to list your sporting event on is race-best they offer a great service of listing your sports event, running is the top event, another great site is  perfect for listing sports events, events such as the London marathon are very popular, these are also perfect events to get onto an event listing site: List .com allows running races to get listed its a great little site. Run Britain is a great please to list your running events:

Bespoke Sports Medal Services

There are many companies and manufacturers that can create bespoke sports medals. We have over 20 years of experience. The best bespoke sports medal services will enable their clients to fully design their medals so that they are completely unique.

Best Budget For Bespoke Sports Medals

The budget and timing for each client also need to be taken into consideration. It is also important to note that the more unique the design and customization, then the more the medal will cost and also the more time it may take to create it by the manufacturer.

Clients often have creative requests that bespoke sports medal services have to accommodate. If the design cannot be created exactly as desired, it is the sports medal service’s job to then find a suitable alternative design that can match the original request as closely as possible.

Bespoke Sports Medals

Bespoke sports medals are available in gold, silver, and bronze. They can be made into any shape desired. Enameled colors on the medals are also customized to match any club, team, or company-specific colors. For those on a budget, a customized center, usually made of sticker material, can be created to put on a more standard medal design.

Bespoke Medal Display Boxes

Special display boxes are available to hold bespoke medals and match their designs for an extra special customization order. Bespoke ribbons are also available and provided to match bespoke sports medals. The ribbons can be printed in matching colors, and include special wording or patterns upon request, so please do drop us a line to enquire.

Engraving is also an additional option to add to bespoke sports medals for keepsakes. If using engraving features on your medal, check for the character limit to ensure your phrase or wording will fit. Although our offices here in Cornwall do not have a service station so you may call in, we do offer to engrave, drop us a line and inquire.

Ordering Bespoke Sports Medals Services

To order a bespoke sports medal in person, our printing shop also offers custom swim caps as well as bespoke sports medal services. Bring them your design requirements and they will be able to work with you on the design, costs, and timeline.

The benefit of shopping in person is that you are able to touch and feel samples of the materials before ordering, and you also will not need to pay a shipping fee if local.

To order, there are many different methods to choose from, call us here at elite sports medals in Cornwall, email us and get a 10% discount. Be sure to as some require a minimum quantity order or charge a special design fee for bespoke sports medal services.

Once you select a manufacturer online, submit your requirements, and design ideas to them. You will also need to select the materials and colour to be used. Most vendors offer a free quote and design draft or proof for review and changes. If you approve the cost and design, production will begin and here at elite sports medals, we offer a 2 week lead time.

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Bespoke Sports Medals

Bespoke Sports Medals are for anybody.If you require a reward for your runner’s, swimmers, triathletes , or any participants that require an award, consider Elite Sports Medals.

Customised Sports Medals

The cost of a mould or design of a medal is low cost, its factored into the design and unit cost, of around £25.00 

We supply amazing ribbons, fully customised sports ribbon’s

We ask for a pre payment invoice, just before production.

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Most frequent questions and answers about custom sports medals

The cost of Bespoke Custom Sports Medals depends on how many you require.Our MOQ to order is 100 units, as your progress to 300 units you will will find that it get cheaper.

Yes  , you get a fully custom Sports Medal, this then is has a fully customised Sports Medal Ribbon, you choose your style.

You can have amazing looking medals created, yes, just simply ask!

We offer a full free custom Medals design service, this allows you to see your Medal design.

Its fast, around 4 weeks from the moment you sign off your design and confirm with us.