About Us

Here at Elite Sports Medals we offer many different services. We have a special interest in customised sports medals services. We are very happy to give you a quotation for your custom designs, contact us with your requirements for costs and to place orders. Medallions available in Gold, Silver, Bronze and Antique finishes, in a variety of shapes and sizes. For more information contact our team.

Beautiful Customised Medals

Highest Quality

We offer the Highest Quality Customised Medals - Non-Enamelled, Full-Enamelled, Part Enamelled.Sports Medals for what ever reason are an amazing way to reward your participant.

Any Logo

We can match any logo, a club or sports event logo for example. All fonts matched - the choice is yours just let us know.A team logo, and event logo, a club logo, transform it into a sport medal.


We are certain you'll be impressed with our prices, if your looking for a great price. We also offer club discounts.We do offer regular sports club discounts, repeat orders will get a discount, just ask!

Working Process

If you have a club logo then send it across to us. If your running an event, send us your art work. The process is simple, we take your artwork and then drag it across to our graphics team. From here we can then create a digital mock up for you!

We truly specialise in the concept of sports medal creation, design, and production of bespoke cast handcrafted medals, so your lead time is around 3-4 weeks thats all!

We have totally modern materials and production techniques, creating your best looking vision of the perfect medal has never been more in reach. 

We pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations and delivering medals to both the client and we can be totally proud of.  

Customised Medals for Any Sports

We love the customised medal approach

We take any logo, or art work, and turn it into FULLY customised medals. Your club logo, your sports event logo, a national event, an inter county event, you choose! Drop us a line to find out more.A team logo, event logo, club logo, the list is endless!