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For your next event, why not consider wooden medals that are now a top choice. We offer many different colours that can be printed on the wood medal:

Custom wood medals are becoming increasingly popular at charity events, running events, sports events, large sports events, etc.

Additionally, charities select this option because it speaks to a greater cause. We design medals that communicate your brand’s messaging at Elite Sports Medals.

 Wouldn’t it make more sense to start with the material it’s etched on?

There are numerous wood types and finishes available at Elitesportsmedals. For example, walnut and birch plywood are available.

 In addition to being made from sustainably harvested wood, these eco-friendly wooden medals also come with custom ribbon options.

Eco-friendly custom wooden medals are therefore more affordable since they do not require air freight! Additionally, this eco-friendly alternative will save you money on setup costs, making it a very cost-effective and cost-effective choice.

We offer fast and affordable service for our wooden medals

Usually, we can meet tight deadlines, although we recommend a turnaround time of 3 weeks in such cases. Wood medals are very popular now, and more so with the environment being saved!

Moreover, the process is much more cost-effective because there is no one-time charge for casting or molding, meaning smaller and larger quantities can be processed faster and at a lower cost.

Wooden medals that are safe for the environment.

The wooden medals are engraved with personalised text and laser-cut from plywood, making them an eco-friendly alternative to plastic medals.

Medals aren’t just medals with these unique wooden medals. This is a way to commemorate your special event.

A medal worthy of pride should be awarded to every event. These distinctive medals achieve this.

We can customise these eco-friendly medals using our lasers in any way that suits you. Therefore, they are perfect for any sport, competition, or event you host, and the best part is they are exclusive to you. Make your finishers proud, give them something to remember.

You can choose from running wood medals to wooden football medals, and if they’re not exactly what you want, drop us a line.

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